The Review: Cheddar’s Casual Cafe (Dothan)

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Ok, so the first time I typed this review, it disappeared  into cyberspace somewhere, but I remember enough to type it up again. 🙂

I heard all the gibberish about Cheddar’s service, but I decided to test it out on my own. I had eaten there before, but of course my sister is a server there and I at with her so, of course my service was excellent. So I decided to go again, without her.

It was last Friday evening, a friend and I decided to give Cheddar’s a try. We were told the wait would be 20 minutes. It was very busy, but that is expected of a Friday night. Our device lit up letting us know our table was ready, and it made me feel as though the 20 minutes went by fairly fast. Cheddar’s was off to a great start until we were told by the hostess to please wait while the bus boy got our table cleaned up. It made me feel as though we shouldn’t have been notified until it was completely ready. As we waited patiently I noticed a white piece of paper on the table. It was the previous tables’ credit card slip with a tip amount on it. I told the hostess and her response was, the server will be by to pick it up. I did not feel comfortable at all sitting at the table with the previous customer’s credit slip sitting there. She must have sensed my discomfort b/c she grabbed the slip anyway and handed it to the server.

We where sat in the powder fan room, which I think the tables are placed entirely too close together. I never want to sit in that section again. The server greeted us and took our drink/meal orders since we already knew what we wanted to order. He took the liberty to sit at our table and tell us he was tired. I have never had a server anywhere to sit at our table and it was quite uncomfortable. Our starters (salad’s/soups) came out before our drinks. I thought that was really backwards. The tea tasted horrible, like it wasn’t sweetened.. I asked the server to exchange it for a sprite and he pointed at the sugar on the table and told me if it wasn’t sweet enough, I could sweeten it with that sugar. I proceeded to tell him, I’d prefer the sprite instead. Someone else came out and delivered my sprite and she had to go back and get a straw (which isn’t individually wrapped by the way, which I hate). I had only taken 3 bites of my salad, when I noticed our veggie plates were coming out. So now I had to race the heat in my veggie plate from escaping my food to finish my salad before my food got cold. The server didn’t even bother to ask if our meals was on one or two checks. Instead he assumed 2, and he wasted quite a bit of time combining the checks. I never got a refill on my drink. If I decided to eat there again (probably only when my sister serves, because she knows me and how I am) I’d ask for a to go cup. I also asked for some ranch and still hadn’t gotten it 10 min later. I asked the GM for some ranch and suddenly my server appeared with the ranch dressing that I’d waited over half my dinner time for. I like to think of myself as a great tipper, anywhere from 7-10.00 even 20 if I’m feeling good and the service is great. He was lucky to get 4.00 and I understand that servers only get 2.00 and some change an hour. But I was very tempted to not leave a tip at all.

The food is very good, but the service needs a lot of work. I hope Cheddar’s pulls themself together b/c I’m sure a lot of people feel the same way I do. I can go plenty of other places and get excellent food with excellent service.


TMC~Ease Off Day 3

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Okay! Today I ate things I don’t think I should have eaten but due to the circumstances of where I was and the fact that I didn’t carry my food around with me, I had to make do with what was around me or starve! So for breakfast I had a smoothie and an apple. Lunch I had 2 slices of cheese Pizza  and dinner I had a pasta salad and fresh veggies and one deviled egg. I had a little bit of stomach discomfort and that was all. I wasn’t gassy at all today. I never got full. But I didn’t try to get full either. Didn’t want to over do it and gain all of my weight back. I will wait 2 weeks before adding meat to my diet. Ok, I also had half of a half of a piece of cake. I was at a baby shower!! lol

Thank you so much for taking this journey with me! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Now it’s time to get down to the exercising (the meat and potatoes) of this journey to 125. Hopefully I wont look to skinny when I get down to that weight, and I can mold and shape my body to look like how I want it to!

TMC~Ease Off Day 2

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Got up early this morning and made me a serious smoothie that pretty much lasted all day! I had a cream of celery soup this morning for breakfast, cream of potato soup for lunch and Tomato Bisque soup for dinner! I had a tiny (and I do mean very tiny) stomach ache after eating the cream of celery soup. I felt kind of funny like I shouldn’t be eating. Almost got light-headed, maybe I was eating too fast. But the feeling didn’t last long at all. I drunk a bottle of water and it went away. I have to tell you a lil secret, I have been a lil gassy today. It’s funny because I haven’t had in gas in almost two weeks, so I’m making blank bathroom trips. lol But then it made me notice, that its lady like to go to the restroom to handle that anyways. lol Instead of trying to sneak them out. Seems that’s a great habit to come of TMC! I know that may have been a lil TMI, but I need to tell you everything, so if you do decided to take this journey, you will know what to expect. 🙂 Tomorrow I can have veggies and fruits! After that it’ll be 2 weeks before I introduce meats and dairy to my system!

TMC~Ease Off Day 1

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I have never been so happy to bust open an orange and throw it in a blender with some ice! goodness! It was so good. Just orange pulp and water today. No issues with my stomach. So that’s cool! I’m still scared to eat food but ready to go all the way in, if that’s possible. But I’m also going to be conscious of how I eat. Don’t want to overdo it and gain all 13 of those pounds back!

Tomorrow I get to eat soups and smoothies!! I was reading an article on what to do after the master cleanse. It had some pretty good tips. A mix of a Liquid diet, Alkaline diet and Live food diet. I’m going to do more research. I have decided on one steak a month to maintain my iron and no other beef outside of that. No pork. Strictly Chicken, Turkey, seafood, cut back on starches, and get more wheat. Sounds like a plan!


TMC~Day 10

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I’m so glad that today is the last day!! I made it! I did it! I still don’t feel like a person that hasn’t eaten in 10 days, but I am hungry! I want to eat!! I went to the beach today!! I went with a group of people and they stopped by Moe’s on the way home. Sitting in there with my lemonade concoction, while everyone else was chowing down on burritos’ and nacho’s and taco’s, I was chugging lemonade and water! I didn’t even crack under pressure. To tell you the truth, I was way to scared to even crack. If I wasn’t  so scared of jumping in without easing off, I would have went in!! And I mean all the way in…

I love  the way I’m looking and feeling tho. And I am kind of curious as to what I would look and feel like if I roughed out the whole 14 days, but I did run out of maple syrup today and seriously don’t want to spend any more money on any more supplies for this. I’d rather be spending it on something I can chew and swallow!! lol

Tomorrow I will be starting the ease off process!! Can’t wait to be eating solids again. Also all the parasites that may or many not have been living in my body should be gone by today. I’m going to end this with my nightly cup of tea and a saltwater flush in the morning. Orange Juice and Orange pulp and water all day tomorrow! So ready!!


TMC~Day 9

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Okay, this is usually the part where I would say something like 9 days down 5 more to go! But I have changed my mind about the 14 days. I have officially decided to stop at day 10. I do wonder what my waistline would look like after the full 14 days?? But it’s time to get on some solids and put in some work with the workout dvd’s and walking/jogging around the neighborhood. I’m really motivated! I’ve lost 10 pounds so far and it’s just day 9!

I really miss the taste of food!! I miss chewing! I’m actually getting hungry now and the lemonade and water isn’t cutting it! But for doing the cleanse for the first time, I did really great to complete it! I plan on making it the whole 10 days that is recommended! I’ll be so happy when I can eat. That is pretty much all I think about, how I’m going to ease on to solid foods! I can’t wait til I can enjoy a turkey sandwich, Panini, some flatbread, some something and I promise you there wont be a lemon or a lime in sight! lol It was a nice experience but sometime too much a thing can make you tired! lol I’m just keeping it real!

The grumbling in my stomach has gotten out of control today! They just seem to get louder and louder and there is nothing I can do to hide it. I’m going to head to the beach tomorrow on Day 10! lol Let’s hope this turn out well!!

TMC~Day 8

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I’m more than half~way there!! I feel like I can go the whole 30 days, but I’m going to play it safe and stick with the 14! I’m actually scared to just dive in and eat after 7 days of not eating. So you know I will be faithful to the ease out tactic!

Today I woke up kinda early, thanks to the tea. No time to do the saltwater flush. I didn’t drink as much water as I should have today! I stepped on the scale today and I now weigh 148.0! I’m shocked that I gained that weight and I think it’s because I am drinking my lemonade later in the day and not drinking as much water as I should. A whole 2 pounds almost. But I’m still lighter than 155 and im in the 40’s which is a plus. So now I just have 23 pounds to lose.

Also, I didn’t drink the whole cup of tea last night. I only drunk half. It still worked its magic. I don’t feel as if I’m starving, I’m not tired or anything that you would expect from someone who hasn’t eaten in a week. I’m just so excited to be getting to the second half of this journey. I do miss eating. I sometimes feel like I’m missing out on a part of life. Haha, But when life gives you lemons, you make Lemonade!! I thought it was funny!!

I read that day 7 which was yesterday is the day the parasites that were living in your body starts to die. And by day 10 will be dead and gone. That’s very interesting. I haven’t felt or seen anything weird but if I do, I will keep you posted. Not that I will be able to see them. Today I just felt like a burst of energy. I’m not really a morning person but today I got up with no problems and proceeded to enjoy my day! I felt…..Positive!! I guess that’s the best word that I can use right now to describe it! I wouldn’t want to trade this feeling for anything… I’m seriously thinking of making this a semi-annual event!!

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